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Ever thought about how  electricity gets to your door? Or what your bill actually pays for? Is it good for the environment? Is it reliable? And how much does it cost?

Electricity North West operates the network from Carlisle in Cumbria to Macclesfield in Cheshire.

We want to know what you think about the balance between getting electricity that is reliable, affordable and good for the environment.

Always on

We’re all getting more reliant on electricity and we expect demand in the North West to nearly treble over the next few years. Our region has one of the most reliable power networks in the world – but power cuts still happen. Should more be invested to reduce the number and length of power cuts?

Good for the environment

Investing in new technologies so more people can charge electric vehicles, and connecting locally-generated sources of electricity to the grid all helps reduce the North West’s carbon footprint. As these and other changes take place, we will need to manage the network differently to make sure everyone has the power they want when they need it.


Investing in the network costs money, and that money comes from electricity bills. About £90 from a typical household electricity bill goes to manage the local network. This can be increased to aid investment, or reduced to help people who may be less able to afford their bills.

What we do

Traditionally electricity was generated in bulk at large power stations, passed through to the National Grid, then to local distribution network operators like Electricity North West, to homes and businesses. Now things are getting more complicated, as we all use and generate electricity in different ways. And that has a big impact on the local power networks.

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Do you think you’re savvy when it comes to saving energy?

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Absolutely! I’m always turning lights off

What would you do in a power cut?

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Call your electricity supplier

When do you think you might get an electric car?

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Next 10 years

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