Planning for the future

We're building an energy efficient future for all, but we need your help

We’re developing our plan from 2023-2028. This plan will cover everything we want to do during those five years.

All the money we invest comes from electricity bills and those bills could go up or down depending on the choices we make. We’re listening to what you, our customers, think because you’re the ones who will fund it. Help us get the balance right by telling us your thoughts.


People who pay electricity bills in the North West


We want to hear from businesses in the North West, big or small, we want to make sure your voices are heard


Organisations with a particular interest in the region’s electricity network, such as consumer groups, local authorities, schools, hospitals and other utilities

People in vulnerable circumstances

We want to engage people who would find it particularly difficult to be without power so that we can put the right support in place

Young people

We want to hear from the people who will pay bills in the future, we’re developing plans for 2023-2028 so the decisions made now will affect what you pay and the service you get for years to come

Consumers and network users

People who may use energy but aren’t the bill payer, such as tenants or other family members

What we're doing next

This is just the start. Here’s how the feedback you provide us with today will help us to shape the future of electricity.

Find out more

We’re publishing all the information we have on this research and information we’ve gathered so far on the main Electricity North West website here.

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